What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a fully immersive 3d environment which tracks your body movement as if it was the real world. The Virtual Reality systems at Vivid VR Gaming in Buffalo NY tracks your head on all axis, meaning you can stand on your tippy toes to see over something, look around a corner, or crawl under an object and look up. We also track your hands with full motion controllers allowing you to take control of virtual objects.

What virtual reality system do you use?

Vivid VR gaming in Buffalo NY uses the HTC Vive system, the only room scale virtual reality system available.

What is room scale?

Room scale is the ability to walk around a virtual reality environment within a designated play space in the real world. Vivid VR Gaming in Buffalo NY offers a play space of 100 sqft, giving you the freedom to move around, duck, and jump in a virtual world with 1 to 1 tracking.

I don’t play video games, do you offer other experiences?

Yes! Virtual Reality is a brand new medium, and although many early adopters are game developers, other applications are quickly being developed.At Vivid VR Gaming in Buffalo NY you can not only experience a Broadway play but be a part of it, travel the world from Paris to New York City, dive to the depths of the ocean, or walk around Mars!

How much does it cost?

Our mission at Vivid VR Gaming is to provide the absolute best virtual reality experience available today. The cost of the system, space and powerful pc equipment is a high cost barrier to personal ownership. We are proud to bring this technology to the community and make it affordable for everyone to enjoy. A 30 minute session is $15 and a 60 minute session is $25.

How many virtual reality systems do you have?

We provide 4 systems and a viewing lounge. 4 systems allow you and friends to experience virtual reality together with some games supporting 4 player multiplayer. We broadcast what you see in your headset on 42 inch flat screens so others can watch the action! Some games even offer the ability for friends to interact with you in the virtual environment from their smart phone.

Is there any risk involved?

Vivid VR Gaming provides a safe environment to experience virtual reality. We implement a chaperone system which creates a grid inside virtual reality that outlines the play space borders. We also have trained staff to assist through your entire experience.

Do I have to book an appointment?

Appointments can be scheduled on our website which allows you to book multiple VR systems for multiple sessions in one convenient check out. This feature is to provide convenience and guarantee your session, but is not required. You may walk in and hop right on if there is availability or call us to setup a appointment. Booking over the web does require immediate payment before the reservation is confirmed.

What do I need to bring?

Everything needed to enjoy virtual reality is provided at Vivid VR gaming. We do recommend shoes that allow you to move confidently.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! We offer egift cards for electronic delivery or stop in for a physical gift certificate.